High Back Fixed Armrest Boss Chair

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The contradiction of design itself is the most highlighted part. The curve should be simple and concise yet include high performance. It is idealism and perfectionism takes us three years to release this product.

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The design of the contemporary office chair is to think for the customer down to earch,to understand their needs and then try the best to design a chair with more that basic functions. In the ARICO design process, the worthiest concern is the design contradictoriness.It needs simple and neat lines as well multiple functions . Our designer simplifies the spring system so as to reduce the size of mechanism.


German Deigner Peter who works at Horn Design and Engineering which is a famous enterpirse of industrial design and product development,gaining endless awards like Red Dot Design Award.IF Design Award and German Design Award.Based on Dresden Germany.Horn Design and Engineering has once designed one of the best selling office chairs for the giant office chair enterprises.


ARICO design story

In the process of revisiting customers, new market needs were discovered. Through continuous attention to the development and changes of domestic office space and the collection of customer feedback, Goodtone found that there is a lack of a slim leather chair with a strong sense of design specifically for senior managers in the domestic market. In order to fill this market vacancy, Goodtone made a cooperation invitation with the German designer Peter Horn who won the Red Dot Design Award and the IF Design Award, and the ARICO series came into being. Two, five revisions, the prototype is beginning to appear In the process of constant communication and discussion with designers, ARICO's design plan is also repeatedly adjusted. The ARICO that you can see today is very different from the first version of ARICO. It is the best version after overthrowing and dozens of fine-tuning changes.

For the use scenarios of senior management offices or high-end conference rooms, Goodtone pays particular attention to the coordination of ARICO comfort and aesthetics, and has invested a lot of time and resources in detail processing.

Product Series

Product Series



BOCK Mechanism

Nice Looking,functional and stable, the mechanism is developed together by Goodtone and Germany excellent component supplier BOCK.


Aluminium Alloy Armrest

Fixed metal armrests in bow shape structure,are increased intensity with mechanism support,strong as well as stable.


Multipe Material Options

High back and mid back swivel chair,with their metal support structure in the polished and shiny silver color to match genuine leather,microfiber leather or fabric




Tliting Lock

Three-stage tilt


Seat Sliding


Seat sliding


Seat Height


height adjustable


Tension Control

Tension control

Colour Matching


Composition Material




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