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The geometric aesthetics bestows nonscientific fashion. Live with aesthetic supremacy attitude. Using simple line to roughed out your imagination to life.

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Ader Chen

Being a member of Palo Alto Design Group in Oct. 1995.Chen gained design executive and management experience in Palo and Flextronics International.Chen now is the Creative Director of Xcellent Product International.After finishing the one-year further design study in International Design Elite held by Munich, Germany and San Francisco, USA, Chen upgraded the product in traditional industry with his team.With his concept “Product VALUE Identity”,Chen assist enterprises in product reproducing, define the direction of product development, and extent the market value of the brand.

Over decades, with the spirit of “Happy Designing”,Chen’s design covered various fields including the appearance of the computer,Photoelectric products, 3C product, household products and furniture.In 2005, Chen design a well-know president desk with Zen style for Aurora,which is a best selling product.In April 2006 and 2007, Chen was invited to take part in Milan International Furniture Design Exhibition, and his team was the only team who was being invited in Taiwan with honor.By 2010, Chen has designed endless marvellous work for Mainland China, HongKong and Taiwan.

“Live for life” means living and enjoying your life instead of surviving.China is developing at an alarming rate.People no longer struggle for surviving like it used to be.We are hoping to have a better and comfortable working environment.So, what I am trying to say is, in such defining fashion, the whole industry should get to know the tendency, producing products that can make people feel warmness.This is the goal we all need to achieve.

Excellent work


Minimalist style design

Rich line and appealing veneer on the backrest together contribute to a bold and technical product.SIZ is concise and simple but fresh and lively.

Product Series


Classic geometric aesthetics

Integrated backrest shows the aesthetic of wholeness. Aluminium armrest levels up the style of SIZ


Multi-functional office chair

From cervical to lumbar, SIZ give the best support to human body making working another luxurious enjoy.



Sychro- mechanism from Donati(Italy) offers tension adjustment and tilting lock.


Colour Matching



To embody the geometric aesthetics of science and fashion, we bestow the “style supremacy” attitude to every detail in live.With concise and simple line,we outline the imagination to wonderful life.

Improvement of office space quality

Multi-functional designs support activities and

communications in every form, contributing a effective

and lively office environment.


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