Company Profile

Foshan Sitzone Furniture Co., Ltd. Goodtone Branch

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Founded in 2014, it is a modern enterprise specializing in high-end office chairs, integrating R&D, production and sales.

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 Goodtone focuses on the field of office furniture, in line with original design, made in China, global business philosophy.

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Goodtone has continuously introduced better design to serve the market. And it strives to build a Chinese original office chair brand with international influence.

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Peter Horn

Peter Horn, founder of Horn Design and Engineering, has spent the last 15 years creating and developing office furniture and ergonomic synchro-tilt mechanisms.

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Martin Ballendat

Martin Ballendat, founder of Design Ballendant, has lead his talented design team to combine technology, practicality and art in simple design since 1995.

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As founder of Milon Design from China, Ao Lian has concentrated on the design of office chairs and system office furniture since graduation.

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