Established in 2014, is a modern enterprise specializing in high-end office chairs, integrating research and development, production and sales. Goodtone is one of the most innovative leading office furniture brands in China.






Goodtone takes design as the ultimate concept. And every link is driven by design. It gathers outstanding local designers, and has reached strategic cooperation with top international designers such as Germany and South Korea. With many excellent design resources, Goodtone has continuously introduced better design to serve the market. And it strives to build a Chinese original office chair brand with international influence.

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Design Ballendat from Bavaria, Germany.Martin Ballendat has a special visual sensitivity to natural objects. His design works are based on Bauhaus's design philosophy for over a century.This powerful design vocabulary has earned him more than 150 design awards, including three of the highest Red Dot honours, "BEST OF THE BEST."

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South Korea


Design JOYN from South Korea.Cho's philosophy of design is to lead the new fashion style, moderate curves, popular color combinations, and popular design in line with ergonomics.Rich design experience and sensitive market sense make its works sell well at home and abroad, and get international recognition.

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Horn Design and Engineering from Dresden, Germany, is a German Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, Germany Good Design Award and other international honors studio.With its first-class industrial design and product development capability, it has been developed for the world-famous office chair enterprises.

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Millang Industrial Design from China.Since graduation, Aolian has devoted herself to the design of office chairs and systematic office furniture. With her solid professional design strength and deep understanding of products, she has won the honor of Top Ten Designers in Guangdong Province.He believes that business success can only be promoted by designing business integration and raising it to the strategic level of the enterprise and strategically solving development of development issues.

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Taiwan, China


Xcellent Products International from Taiwan, China.Having worked for PaloAlto Design Group and Flextronics International, he has devoted himself to upgrading products in traditional industries, helping enterprises to reengineer products, define the direction of product development, and continue brand value.For more than ten years, adhering to the spirit of "happy design", we have developed many excellent products for office furniture brands and manufacturers in three places.

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United States of America


“I believe design’s purpose is not only to show us the future, but to bring us the future.”
Fuseproject Studios from the United States.Yves Béhar believes that design is not just about showing us the future, it is about bringing us to it.Its design style is more sensuous, emphasizes the beauty of curves and strong touch, hoping to mask the technology in practicality and beauty.Under the study, and Apple, Samsung, Hewlett-Packard, Herman Miller, Miyake, and other well-known brands in line with the style, to create a number of world-famous works.

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ITO Design

“We deliver a strong balance of creativity and technical expertise in our design. In every case, our products optimize functionality and user experience.”
The ITO Design team from Nuremberg, Germany, is a multinational industrial design studio founded by Armin Sander in 1987, specializing in the design and technology of office furniture products.

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