Established in 2014, is a modern enterprise specializing in high-end office chairs, integrating research and development, production and sales. Goodtone is one of the most innovative leading office furniture brands in China.

Company Profile

With nearly 10 years of experience to draw on, Goodtone Furuiture provides premium chairs: Executive Chair With Footrest, Flexible Office Chair, Genuine Leather Office Chair, Heavy Duty Office Chairs, High Back Computer Chair and Visitor Office Chair. You may be looking to build an entirely new office environment or control room, but are unsure where to start… You can count on our professionals to create the best layout and deliver superior ergonomic chair options based on the most important human factors. We specialize in delivering custom solutions through smart design and wonderfully, simple solutions for modern offices and control rooms.

Guangzhou CIFF 2022

On July 26, 2022, the Goodltone Advanced Seat Design Exhibition was grandly opened at the Canton Fair Complex in Pazhou. The exhibits this time are POLY, BUTTERFLY, YUCAN, ARICO, AMOLA. The combination of exquisite chair-making technology and timeless artistic aesthetics reappears the brand's innovative gene and international style.

Poly series has won many design awards

Design Highlights V-shaped back frame
Inspired again by the iconic building in his hometown of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, Yves re-optimized its support structure: on the basis of unchanged engineering mechanics principles, it is simplified to a suspended V-shaped support structure, extending longitudinally from the waistline To the bottom mechanism, it contrasts with the armrest on the side, deducing the dynamic posture of geometric aesthetics. "V For Victory" also represents the designer's confidence in POLY, the second office chair in his career.