Mid-century modern is a popular design style that works with all types of furniture – and this goes for office chairs too.
If you’re renovating your office, you’ve likely come across mid-century modern mood boards and furniture.This is a popular design style that goes well with minimalism and minimalism.Mid-century modernism became popular between the 1940s and 1960s, influencing architecture, interior design, and art.Common mid-century elements include natural fibers and light wood tones, circles, parallel lines, and a balance of form (i.e. style) and function (i.e. usability).
When shopping for mid-century modern office chairs, you’ll see many of the same color schemes but in different shapes.Some chairs are bowl-shaped, while others are rectangular.It depends on the functionality you’re looking for, but overall, most mid-century modern chairs exude an elegant, sophisticated vibe.Some chairs will have functional features like swivel, recline, ergonomic elements – but they should also be beautiful.We’ve rounded up 10 of the best mid-century modern office chairs to save you hunting time.
The Russellville Langley task chair has a quintessential mid-century modern look with the comfort of a recliner.There’s a lot to love: swivel, wheels, center tilt, padded armrests, ergonomic structure and adjustable seat height.The bonded leather upholstery is easy to clean and exudes a sophisticated look in this executive style; however, the back of the chair is solid wood, adding a touch of warmth and earthiness.
This leather swivel chair deserves a place in your mood board and office.Leather is aptly named “Butterscotch” for its warm tones that complement a minimalist office aesthetic and different wood grains.The chair is designed as an updated mid-century modern Swan chair and has an “origami-inspired intrigue” feel.Functionally, the chair swivels but doesn’t roll, weighs 33 pounds and requires full assembly, and the chair’s bucket seat is comfortable and spacious.
Harada task chairs have many great qualities: ergonomic design, wheels that roll on hardwood and carpet, and a chic and streamlined silhouette.The high back is great back support and also makes the chair suitable for tall people.The seat is also vertically adjustable from 17.32 to 20.47 inches.Compared to mid-century modern office chairs that cost less than $200, this chair is more versatile and comes with grey or black faux leather upholstery.
The Bryson office chair looks elegant thanks to the off-white fabric that covers the seat and back.The silhouette itself consists of simple, clean lines that make the chair sturdy and perfect for tall people.The oak armrests are slightly curved, adding fluidity to the otherwise straight chair, and the wood’s “baked” colour is both warm and premium.
Simple and stylish, this black and walnut bentwood chair has the curves of a mid-century modern chair.It’s very versatile, with full rotation, wheels, and a small frame that weighs 28 pounds.Although the chair is small, it is designed with lumbar support to keep you comfortable while you work, although taller people may not like it much.
You can see at first glance the comfort this chair offers: a padded headrest, a comfortable seat and sponge-like armrests.This chair is comfortable for most people, whether short or tall, because the seat can be adjusted from 19 inches to 23 inches, and the back reclines and locks into place.The interior is a smooth leatherette and comes in seven shades, though some are more mid-century inspired than others.
This swivel chair on wheels is like an upgraded school chair, perfect for writers, artists and collaborators.It’s made from saddle leather and is contract grade, which means it’s built for both commercial and residential use.Other features include a contoured backrest, adjustable seat height, a vegan leather option and five wheels to reduce tipping.There are no armrests, but that’s a plus for creatives who need extensive access to a monitor, easel, or drawing tablet.The chair works best with smaller frames, as the seat measures only 16.5 x 17 inches.However, this chair weighs only 23 pounds, making it very flexible.
Ah, the classic molded fiberglass chair popularized by Herman Miller and Ray and Charles Eames.For those who really like this design, they can also use the molded chair as an office chair.It retains the shell seat, only it sits on top of a five-star aluminum rolling base.Waterfall seat edges reduce pressure on the thighs, and deep seat pockets feel like you’re being held.
This curved chair is perfect for tall people because of its long back and adjustable heights from 45.67 to 48.62 inches.The chair is designed to resemble an executive chair, but with external curves contrasting with vertical stitching for the famous mid-century modern aesthetic.This chair also has a lived-in look, but thanks to the weathered suede upholstery.The chair swivels and reclines and has an adjustable seat and hidden lumbar support.
This black and wood chair is reminiscent of mid-century modern design elements, but in a boxy style.The horizontal padding is functional and provides comfort, but also draws eye level to the waterfall armrest.Like many mid-century modern pieces, the chair’s wood frame uses bentwood techniques to create curves that contrast with the wood’s grain.The chair swivels, rolls on casters, and has an adjustable seat height.
Everything you need to find the office chair that best suits your needs, including ergonomics, price, aesthetics and functionality.

Post time: Mar-16-2022