With the improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of green office furniture products. So, how should we choose environmentally friendly furniture? Let's take a look at six ways to choose environmentally friendly furniture.

Environmental protection office furniture selection skills

(1) Check the certificate and see the sign

When purchasing green and environmentally friendly furniture, we can first check whether the furniture of the merchant has a nationally recognized environmental protection test report, green product mark and certificate of conformity, etc. If the merchant cannot provide relevant certificates, do not buy it.

Green Guard certification is a highly recognized certificate in the furniture industry.

What is Green Guard, GREENGUARD (Green Guard) certification is a very useful tool for architects, designers, product classifiers and purchasers, helping them identify low-emission products that are ready-to-buy and are friendly to the indoor environment. At present, there are more than 20 categories of GGC-certified products, including furniture, flooring, building materials, textiles, door materials, insulation materials, etc.

5 of our products have obtained the certification of Green Guard.


(2) Kanban

Compared with other man-made panel furniture, the formaldehyde contained in the green environmental protection furniture panel is very low, and it does not use adhesives, hardeners, waterproofing agents and other chemical materials in the processing process, and will not cause harm to the human body. harm.


(3) Look at the finish

Green and environmentally friendly furniture uses relatively good veneer panels, so it is more wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, and non-fading, while inferior panels generally do not last half a year, and it will fade and turn yellow. Therefore, we must be careful when purchasing. Be cautious.

(4) Smell

The easiest, direct and effective way to buy green furniture is to smell it. Generally, furniture with strong environmental protection performance does not smell any irritating smell. On the contrary, inferior furniture smells more pungent and should not be purchased.

(5) Look at the edge banding

When purchasing green and environmentally friendly furniture, we should carefully check whether the furniture panels are edge-sealed. If there is no edge-banding furniture, some formaldehyde will be released inside to some extent, which will cause certain harm to the human body, so it is not suitable to buy, otherwise it can be purchased.

(6) Look at the paint film

Green and environmentally friendly office furniture is generally furniture with a dry paint film, so before purchasing, we must check whether the paint film of the furniture is dry. If the paint film is dry, you can buy it, otherwise, don’t buy it.

Post time: Nov-24-2022